A change of the status quo starts by joining forces!

The intersection of talents and world needs is where vocation lies. This is why ”Italia del Gusto CHALLENGE” is born, 8 Italian Food Icons aiming to find real solutions related to sustainability, cost reduction and new material for the packaging.
Let’s solve today’s challenges together!!

What are we looking for

Three challenges and one common goal:
revolutionizing the world of packaging.

Recycle & Reuse

Overcoming the barriers in recycling with alternative materials and reusable solutions.


Do you have a groundbreaking proposal to reduce plastic reliance in the agrifood industry by replacing it with recyclable alternatives or eco-friendly reusable options?

Efficient processes

Revolutionizing food packaging for cost reduction, enhancing efficiency and improving traceability in streamlined processes and logistics. 


Do you have a disruptive solution that redefines packaging in the food industry by cutting costs, optimising processes, and enhancing product traceability?

Innovative Materials

Challenging visionaries to propose intelligent solutions and/or materials to extend shelf life and revolutionize packaging format.


Do you provide new packaging materials that can contain, preserve, enhance food and beverages and/or introduce unique and avant-garde formats?

Interested in taking the packaging to the next level?

What We Offer

Together we shall reach further so check the benefits from working with ones of the most outstanding food companies

Potential Collaboration with Top Italian Food Companies:

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the leading Italian food companies. Our challenge opens the door to potential partnerships that can fuel the growth of your innovative packaging solutions.

Pilot Opportunities:

Test your solution in real-world scenarios. You will have the chance to experiment with your ideas, allowing you to refine and validate your concepts with the support of industry experts.

Collaborative Environment:

Become part of a collaborative ecosystem where knowledge sharing and idea exchange are encouraged. Collaborate with like-minded innovators and industry experts to further develop your packaging solutions.

Global Ecosystem

Gain visibility and recognition through our extensive national and international network. During the Demo Day, you will have the opportunity to present your innovative packaging solution to the audience of Italian food and beverage companies.


Call for projects:
December 2023
Selection phase:
January 2023
Demo Day:
March 2024


Call for projects:
December 2023
Selection phase:
January 2023
Demo Day:
March 2024

About Us

The organizers of the challenge

The Challenge involves eight prestigious companies from Italia del Gusto: Amica Chips, Auricchio, Ponti, PanPiuma, Parmalat, Rovagnati, Urbani Tartufi, Valsoia. Their contribution has been crucial in identifying and defining the strategic areas of interest for the challenge.

Collaboration is our primary driving force, bringing together the best of our skills to tackle common challenges.

Italia del Gusto:

Italia del Gusto is a private consortium of leading Italian food and wine producers. Our members are selected on the basis of the quality of their products and the status of their brands. Founded in 2006, the consortium’s mission is to help member companies to improve their performance in international markets, enhancing their reputation as producers of the finest, high quality, Italian products. Italia del Gusto carries out a wide range of marketing, promotion and global communication activities, participating in international trade fairs, supporting the creation of partnerships and synergies among our members. In addition, we support the marketing of our member’s products to both consumer and trade customers. Today Italia del Gusto has 30 member companies, responsible for 36 food and wine brands, everyone a leader in its field. Currently Italia del Gusto member companies have a combined turnover of over 30 billion euros.

Eatable Adventures:

Eatable Adventures is one of the leading global food tech accelerators, with over 50 annual corporate and government programs, 10 incubation and acceleration programs, a flow of 3.000 food tech startups analyzed every year, and activities in 4 continents. The company identifies, promotes, and invests in the most disruptive startups that promise a significant impact on the agri-food value chain, through successful collaboration models with food industry companies, generating innovation opportunities in line with their strategic and business challenges. Eatable Adventures has developed an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the food sector through a global community with over 25,000 members and multiple events that bring together industry, investors, universities, governments, and entrepreneurs around food innovation.

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